Recovering from Customer Service Breakdowns

Recovering from Customer Service Breakdowns Customers are better educated and have access to a more competitive product and service information that at any time in history. The result is that when they contact a customer service representative, they have specific wants, needs, and expectations. When their preconceived ideas are not met, service breakdowns are likely … Read more

Strengthening Customer Communication

Strengthening Customer Communication Customers who feel that they have an active role and control of a service-provider interaction often feel more important and valued. Improved interpersonal communication can lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention and reduced stress for you and your co-workers. Take advantage of the following strategies to build stronger relationships … Read more

What is a Service Breakdown ?

What is a Service Breakdown? Service breakdowns occur daily in all types of organizations. They happen whenever the product or service delivered fails to meet customer needs, wants and expectations. In some cases the product or service delivered may function exactly as it was designed or promised, still, if the customer perceived that it should … Read more

Importance of a Positive Attitude in a Service Culture

Importance of a Positive Attitude in a Service Culture Ever thought about the word attitude? Some say that attitude is everything. If yours is positive, then you likely succeed and are happy. If it is negative, chances are you find yourself feeling depressed and constantly dealing with stressful situations or confrontations with others. Look at … Read more

What is Service Culture?

What is Service Culture? An organization’s service culture encompasses its products and services, employees and the physical appearance of its facility, equipment, or any other aspect of the organization with which a customer comes into contact. Managers in successful organizations are keenly aware of the importance of all these elements and continually assess the impact … Read more

Non-verbal Communication Quote – Robert W. Lucas

Non-verbal Communication Quote – Robert W. Lucas Customer service representatives are often the first people with whom a current or potential customer comes into contact when reaching out to an organization. Their role is to quickly and professionally use their customer service skills to assist in resolving issues or concerns or providing products and services … Read more

Listening Quote – Ralph Nichols

Listening Quote – Ralph Nichols Actively listening to your customers is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you not only get the correct message that they send, but also that you show respect and you care about them. As you listen to your customers, you also start to better understand them and recognize … Read more

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