Effective Verbal Communication Can Lead To Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention

You may have heard that the expression it is sometimes not what you, but how you say it that makes a difference. Nothing is more true when you are dealing with a multi-cultural, diverse customer-base.

Effective Verbal Communication Can Lead To Customer Satisfaction and Customer RetentionIn many situations, when customer service breaks down it can often be attributed to what a customer service representative does or does not effectively say verbally or non verbally. In some cases the lapse may be due to an unconscious message (e.g. non verbal gesture, body movement, signal, or eye contact) that was interpreted differently than intended. In other instances, it might be an incorrect tone, word or inflection added to a message that was received incorrectly by the customer.

Whatever the reason(s) for such failures in communication, it is crucial that anyone dealing with internal and external customers be prepared for potential interactions that might go wrong. The easiest means of doing so is to enhance customer service and communication skills and to become educated related to approaches verbal and communication practices in various cultures.

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