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Customer Service Skills for Success 6th by Robert W. Lucas Now Available

The top-selling customer service textbook in the United States, Customer Service Skills for Success by Robert W. Lucas, is now in print from McGraw-Hill. This 6th edition includes four-color layout with more images to enhance the content and a completely changed graphic appearance. In the … Continue reading

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Internet Customer Service Quote – Doug Warner

The customer service profession continues to evolve as new technology is developed and improved on a regular basis. With each new generation of computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices designed to connect people, the opportunities for business applications continues to … Continue reading

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Internet Sales Revenue Continues to Climb from 2012-2017

  Ever since customers discovered the value and savings in time, effort and money from using the Internet to shop for products and services, the world has not been the same. Revenue generated from electronic commerce (ecommerce) continues its upward climb … Continue reading

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